The Unbeatable Allure of a Jupiter Summer
Written By Camilla Chevillot

The Unbeatable Allure of a Jupiter Summer

Hola, folks! I’m Camilla, your resident Jupiter aficionado and ever-ready counterpoint to my dear husband’s summer-in-Europe sales pitch. Now, don’t get me wrong, Europe is all sorts of wonderful—baguettes in Paris, gelato in Rome, sipping sangria in Barcelona—it sounds lovely, but have you ever experienced the sheer joy of a Jupiter summer? I mean, seriously, who wants to navigate cobblestone streets when they can walk barefoot on warm sandy beaches?

Why Leave Jupiter?

When Jupiter is already so beautiful, who needs Europe? Here, I’ll present the counter argument to going away for the summer and enjoying the scorching Florida summer for all that it offers. If you love the beach and are truly a JUP local there is something magical about Florida summers (as long as you don’t mind the occasional hurricane).

Summer Ocean: A Flat, Warm, Azure Symphony

Let’s kick this off with the ocean. If you’ve been lucky enough to be in Jupiter during summer, you’ll know how our seas transform into a spectacular, flat, warm oasis. It’s like Mother Nature herself laid out the red carpet—only, in this case, it’s blue, and it sways gently with the tide. As a self-confessed mermaid, I can’t resist the call. Give me a day of dancing with gentle waves over navigating European cobblestone streets any day!

There’s No Day Too Hot, No Sun Too Bright

Have you ever experienced that perfect summer day when the sun’s rays seem to recharge your batteries, making you feel like a superhero powered by solar energy? Can you relate to that feeling of no day too hot, no sun too bright? If you nodded yes, then my friend, you’re beginning to understand Jupiter’s summer magic.

The Ghost Town Phenomenon: Luxury of Space

While hubby dreams of quiet European cafes, I remind him of the beauty of our own backyard, minus the crowds. Jupiter in summer turns into this idyllic town where traffic lights seem redundant, and dinner reservations are as necessary as a snowplow in Florida. Shopping, beach walks, or simply driving down A1A—it’s an uncrowded, serene paradise.

The Perfect Balance?

My husband’s grand vacation visions are charming, but I find bliss in Jupiter’s unique summer tranquility, sporting my sundress and sending the kids off to surf camp. Yet, what if we could have the best of both worlds? Picture this: A serene June in Jupiter, with the warm ocean water and secluded beaches. Then, a jet-set July in the Mediterranean’s radiant summer, followed by a relaxing return to Florida in August, prepping for the upcoming school year. Now, that might just be the epitome of summer perfection.

Interested in weighing the pros and cons of spending summer in Jupiter? Connect with Camilla! As a seasoned shark tooth hunter and beach explorer, she’s well-equipped to provide insights into making the most of the summer heat in Jupiter, or determining if a summer sabbatical to Europe is a better fit for you.

Camilla can share strategies on how to embrace Jupiter’s unique summer offerings, from surf camps to tranquil beach visits. Or if you prefer cooler climates, she will be here to welcome you when Florida’s weather is more agreeable.


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