The Art of Summer Vacation: To Stay or To Go?
Written By Nikko Karki

The Art of Summer Vacation: To Stay or To Go?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. The Sunshine State is starting to feel more like the Surface-of-the-Sun State. Nikko here, and if you’ve ever tried to convince your significant other to take a well-deserved, extended summer break, you’ll know it’s an art, a dance, and a masterclass in negotiation.

To Stay or To Go

For those of you on the fence of staying home in paradise (although sweltering) I’m here to arm you with the undeniable facts of why trading the fiery Florida summer for a more refreshing climate should be your mission each summer. As my heat-loving wife alluded, there is a charm to staying in Jupiter over the summer months. However, to some of us, the urge to escape to a cooler climate grows stronger with each climbing degree. Allow me to share some compelling reasons why you might want to consider such an adventure, informed by my expertise in vacation negotiation.

1. R&R: Rest, Relaxation, and Hitting the Refresh Button

First things first, talk about the importance of rest and relaxation. Yes, it’s true that the couch at home is pretty comfy, but just think about how much better a hammock in the Hamptons or a chaise lounge on a European beach would be. And that’s before we even talk about the added benefit of escaping the Floridian summer blaze. You won’t even need to sell this point—it practically sells itself.


2. The Lure of Deep Sleep

Point two: sleep! In a new environment, away from the distractions of home, one can actually sleep like a baby, or like someone who doesn’t have to set the alarm for 7 a.m. every day. Remember, it’s scientifically proven that sleep improves in vacation mode—okay, maybe that’s not an exact science, but it sure feels that way.


3. Unleashing Creativity in Unexplored Corners

On to creativity, that elusive creature that often needs a little change of scenery to be coaxed out of hiding. Remind your significant other about that time you went on a mini-break, and they came back brimming with DIY ideas for the home. Now imagine that creative boost but on steroids—that’s the summer vacation effect!


4. Boosting Productivity: The Vacation Trendsetter

Don’t forget to mention the undeniable fact that regular vacations actually make us more productive. The scientists say so, and who are we to argue with them? Plus, I’m sure your partner would love to be the one who starts the trend in their office of taking regular vacations, right? Talk about being a trendsetter!


5. The Healthy Choice: Good Vibes Only

Consider this fact: vacations are actually good for your health. Stress levels drop, mental batteries recharge, and your body gets to relax and repair itself. New environments can even boost your immune system. Essentially, taking a vacation is like hitting the ‘refresh’ button on your physical and mental health. It’s practically a necessity for one’s health.


6. Concluding the Negotiation: Packing the Suitcases

At this point, your partner should be more than convinced, probably already mentally packing their suitcases. If not, well, there’s always the ultimate argument, “Honey, I have booked non-refundable tickets. Surprise!”


As the Florida sun bears down, let this be your call to adventure. Persuade your better half, pack those bags, and set out to explore refreshingly cooler horizons. By the time you’re back, not only will you both be rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the year, but you’ll also have enough hilarious and endearing vacation stories to last until the next Florida summer.

Good luck, and may the vacation odds be ever in your favor!


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