Our Beloved Turtles
Written By Rebecca Taylor

Our Beloved Turtles

The endangered loggerhead turtles that return to nest here every year have quite the journey ahead of them. However, local volunteers are more than happy to help ensure they have a smooth journey out to sea.

A Refuge for Turtles

Every aspect of Jupiter has been built around maintaining a harmonious relationship with the idyllic surroundings. Nowhere is seen more than through the safe refuge that has been built for the endangered turtles that come to nest here year after year. In fact, there is a strict “lights-out” policy along the beach so no street lights are allowed, ensuring turtles don’t become disorientated on their way back out to sea.

It isn’t just the loggerhead turtles that hatch along these shores; leatherback, hawksbill, Kemp’s ridley and green sea turtles all nestle here. However, loggerheads are the most abundant and in 2022, we’ve seen the most amount of turtles hatch here which is fantastic news for these small but mighty creatures!

Turtle Conservation

Jupiter is quickly becoming known for the large role it plays in the conservation of these endangered animals. With the guidance of The Nature Conservancy and the Loggerhead Marine Life Center, education and preservation of their natural habitat have proudly become a way of life for residents. Every morning, TNC employees and volunteers patrol the beach in search of turtles in trouble to help them on their way.

While along the beach, from the lack of street lights to marking off nesting areas and even closing sections of the beach where a nest has been found, residents are happy to play a role in the safe start to these hatchlings’ lives. For further information on our sea turtles, please check out The Nature Conservancy and Loggerhead Marine Life Center websites.

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