Jupiter’s Lighthouse
Written By Rebecca Taylor

Jupiter’s Lighthouse

As you wind your way along Highway 1, heading north into Jupiter, you cross the Loxahatchee River and see it – a big red beacon letting you know you have arrived. Welcome to Jupiter and our historical Jupiter Lighthouse, anchoring you to the stunning surroundings, rooted in local history.

The Only Natural Inlet

Set on the only natural inlet on the East Coast of Florida, it was imperative a lighthouse be constructed on Jupiter Inlet to ensure safe passage between the Loxahatchee River and the Atlantic Ocean. Conceived in 1851, the lighthouse took over eight years to complete and since her first illumination in 1860, the Jupiter Lighthouse shone bright warning seafarers of the offshore shoal and continues to shine a light on our little slice of paradise today.

Did you know the Lighthouse wasn’t always red? Initially constructed of brick, years of salt air and humidity began to take their toll. Around 1910 it was officially painted red and has remained so to this day.

Let There Be Light

First illuminated on July 10, 1860, the Lighthouse utilized state-of-the-art technology by the Henry Lepante Company of Paris. The Fresnel lens consisted of a fixed white light varying by a brighter flash every 90 seconds. This historical lens is still owned by the U.S. Coast Guard today and is only 1 of 13 active First-Order Fresnel lenses in the country.  

Surviving both the Third Seminole War and the Civil War, the Jupiter Lighthouse remains a proud and central part of life here in Jupiter. Whenever you cast your eyes to the sky, you’ll see her towering over the many beaches and natural beauty that call this region home.

For more information please go to https://www.jupiterlighthouse.org/.

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