Jupiter Staycay or Italian Vacay? Which Triumphed in Summer ’23?
Written By Nikko Karki

Jupiter Staycay or Italian Vacay? Which Triumphed in Summer ’23?

Ah, summer. That time of year when the Florida sun shines a tad too brightly, and the debate in the Karki household reaches its peak: to escape Jupiter’s embrace or to stay and bask in its warmth. As you might recall, I made a compelling case for seeking cooler shores, while my lovely wife, Camilla, sang praises of a Jupiter summer. So, what did the Karki clan end up doing? Let’s dive in!

The Italian Escapade

Our journey to Italy was nothing short of an epic adventure. Imagine this: a taxi, two trains, two planes, and a rental car later, we found ourselves in an Italian villa. The food? Divine. The wine? Exquisite. The company? The best. Our daughters embraced the “dolce vita,” mastering the essential Italian phrases like “Ciao Pizza.” We explored islands, swam in azure waters, and banked some invaluable family time. Phones off, world out.

Finnish Fling: Escaping to the Islands

But wait, there’s more! Just when Italy seemed like the summer’s crown jewel, we introduced a wild card: Finland. Yes, Finland! Beyond its reputation for the enchanting midnight sun and delectable fare, Finland holds a special place in our hearts due to my Finnish roots. Every year, our dear friends sing praises of their Finnish summer escapades, and this time, we decided to experience the magic firsthand.

From endless daylight that had our kids in awe to serene island cottages offering a peaceful retreat, Finland was a revelation. The delicious local dishes, the warmth of good friends, and those refreshingly cool nights – it’s no wonder our friends are drawn back to this Nordic haven year after year. Finland, you might just see more of the Karki clan next year.

Jupiter Joys

Back home, Jupiter had its own set of surprises. Our kids became mini surf pros at Blue Water Surf camp. The counselors? Practically family now. And our end-of-camp lemonade stand? A hit among the campers!

While the kids surfed, I dabbled in some yacht chartering in Indonesia and Norway (because why not?), and even worked on a hush-hush property deal.

The Verdict

So, who won the summer debate? Well, both of us! We reveled in the beauty of Jupiter, then jet-setted to Europe for some family bonding. We fell head over heels for Sardinia, rekindled our romance, and made memories to last a lifetime. The kids? They’re now Italy and Finland’s newest ambassadors.

Ready, Set, Real Estate!

Now that we’re back, it’s go-time! Refreshed, recharged, and raring to go, we’re diving headfirst into Jupiter’s real estate scene. As our slogan says, we’re “Here for You,” and being here is half the battle. Looking for your slice of paradise in Jupiter? We’ve got you covered. After all, nothing beats the insights of someone who’s just returned from a European escapade and is still on a gelato high.

Until next summer’s debate, arrivederci!

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