Blowing Rocks
Written By Rebecca Taylor

Blowing Rocks

Set amongst over 70 acres of pristine wild vegetation, Blowing Rocks Preserve was created when concerned local residents donated their land to the custodianship of The Nature Conservancy in 1969 in order to keep the area dedicated to its wild roots.

An Uncommon Slice of Paradise

As you walk along the path here, let the modern world slip away. Rocky crags provide a break for salt water at high tide, while the large stretch of beach consists of natural dunes, a plethora of unique plants and endangered animals, including the rare, loggerhead green and leatherback sea turtles that use this protected land as nesting territory.

With nothing man-made in sight, enjoy this little slice of paradise for a mini-break for as long as you need. Take a dip in the waves and let the sun soak into your skin. Gaze at nature’s wonders as you see turtles swim by or a shark fin out in the surf. Being this close to nature in a dedicated conservation area is invaluable to Jupiter residents.

Join the Legacy

As interest in Blowing Rocks grew throughout the 90s, staff identified the need to shed light on the importance of the fragile native habitats found at the preserve. As you walk along the trails here, you’ll see educational signage highlighting native species, including the endangered sea turtles that nest along the ocean shoreline.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved, keep an eye on their website for further info on beach clean-ups and upcoming seminars.

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